The Woodlands Pet Resort and Spa | Dog Grooming Basics
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Dog Grooming Basics

Dog Grooming Basics

Dog Grooming: A Brief Summary

If you picture dog grooming in the same way that you do a visit to a hair stylist, then you probably wonder if grooming your pup means a quick trim or the full spa treatment.

There are a ton of websites, such as WikiHow, that provide some information on the dog grooming process, but very few that go into any real detail. What this article will do is provide you with those basics.

Here are some of the dog grooming basics:

1. Removing loose hair and mats with a thorough brushing

2. Getting rid of dirt and odor by bathing

3. Expressing the anal gland to prevent future infection

4. Cleaning the ears to prevent wax or moisture build up, both of which can lead to infection

5. Nail clipping to prevent ingrown nail issues, as well as to protect your furniture

6. Keeping the dog’s hair short by trimming or clipping.

7. Keeping dental issues at bay by brushing the teeth

8. Making sure that the dog’s eyes stay bright and healthy looking

There is actually very little that you have to do when it comes to your dog’s eyes. They are, for the most part, self-maintaining and your only job is to remove any accumulated crust that may have developed overnight.