The Woodlands Pet Resort and Spa | Spa & Wellness Center
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Spa & Wellness Center

Spa and Wellness Center. Many of our clients benefit greatly from the many treatment’s & or having a treatment for Heath issues we make your pets stay more enjoyable. . We will offer different types of massage’s, and therapeutic treatments as well using anti stress essential oils that cater to your pets issues. Medicinal alternative therapies and herbal supplements for chronic health issues, essential oil Flea & tick & heart worm, and herbal parasite prevention instead of harmful chemicals. Our intentions are to have bi-weekly low cost shot options, clinics, and titres lieu of vaccination offering the areas first alternative medicine licensed veterinarian clinic 2 weekends per month.

We Offer “Spa & Wellness Center” 7 day a week from 8:00 am- 6:00 pm.
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