The Woodlands Pet Resort and Spa | Private Cattery
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Private Cattery


1st cat:$30 per day

2nd+:$24 per day

Many years prior to owning our own kennel I worked in many other facilities. I always knew that when I opened my own pet resort I would design a cattery that every cat would love, unique in every way, catering to spoiled cats and their owners.

Most other cat boarding facilities stick cats in dark back rooms where there is no sun or activity.

I designed our brand new cattery, specializing in upscale cat boarding. Each individual cat condo is located on a windowed back wall, so all of our guests can watch the wonderful activities on our wooded acres, and sun bathe in the warm sunlight that shines into their condo, during the morning hours.
Outside of each condo is a filled bird feeder so the birds come right up to the window. The cattery’s interior is designed with multi leveled perches for cats to scale up and down .

Plus there is a special private area in each cat condo for shy cats to hide in their own cat cave, if they want to be anti social or snooze for a while.
Our TV in the cattery is on at night and plays bird sounds and peaceful music and during the day I have my desk there so cats have lots of company and are not alone. Multi cat families can buy 2 condos that are joined and double the space for your cats to roam, and there are many cat toys for your felines enjoyment.
A one of a kind cat experience, you will not find a cat boarding facility cleaner or more cat friendly than us.
We are cat lovers all the way.. Come and see for your self it is pawsitivily purrrrfect…

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