The Woodlands Pet Resort and Spa | Pet Bathing
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Pet Bathing

Pet Bathing

Pet Grooming at the Woodlands Pet Resort & Spa

All of our groomers have been bathing for 25 years and we only do a few dogs a day so that dogs do not have to sit in cages all day.

We do not use hot dryers most of our dogs are hand dried. Having a good grooming experience is one of the most important things to us. We specialize in difficult dogs and cats, and can bathe any breed of dog.

Our products are all nationalism and safe, and we use only the best shampoos and conditioners and les pooch fragrance as a finishing spray.

My sweet baby 'Princess' loves coming to play and be bathed. The staff is so caring and attentive, it makes you feel good knowing your best friend is in good hands! - Tippie Flannery

Unlike smart pet we know our clients on a personal basis and the same groomer does the pet each time.

Our prices are much less and we always put a cute bandanna and bows on your pet for a finishing touch. try us out and you will save ,and be happy.

No one cares more than the owners of a business and that’s who pampers your pet.

We do baths ONLY , medicated treatments for dogs with problem skin, hot oils treatment, hair dying and glitter applications as well as flea and tick treatments and whitening.

You can also have a deep tissue massage or an aromatherapy treatment for your boarding pet as a special mid week relaxation treat.

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